Thursday, May 13, 2010

Because we are short on writing motivation... is the really, very shortened summary of the past two months. : )

1. Andy's B-day
2. Holly's visit to Trinidad - bringing with her a rekindlement of our own commitment and enthusiasm...Thank-you Holly.
3. Some of the family's visit to Trinidad! woohoo!
4. Progress in some ongoing study circles.
5. A new Baha'i in our community (our neighbor :))
6. More teaching.
7. Disappointments and cancellations. (It's ok though...crisis and victory, right!)
8. Really good food and learning to cook really good food.
9. An unexpected trip to the States.
10. NEW CYCLE AND EXPANSION WEEKEND! (Can you tell we are excited about that?)
11. Some animator training.
12. Getting more adept at living without running water.
13. Two great weekends of collective teaching, with this past weekend ending in some great set-ups of study circles, one with a group of youth specifically for the purpose of starting a children's class and junior youth group with the idea that they will be leading them after the training.
14. Anticipation for the two-week long Inter-Institutional Gathering! With all the pioneers from the different islands, a new set of pioneers, Counselors and coordinators of the Initiative coming together and two special guests from the World Centre. (And definitely there will be a lot of studying of the Ridván Message).

Love to everyone.


  1. Whoa whoa whoa, nobody told me anything about no running water! Also, at the zoo we saw these GIANT ROACHES from Trinidad. Have you seen any? I may be reconsidering my visit. ;)

  2. Haha...well we USUALLY have water. Just a couple days a week they turn it off. I haven't seen any roaches, but we have run across a couple mice/tarantulas in our house...nothing to water about though. ; )

    - Cheryl