Saturday, January 30, 2010

94 Heron Crescent

Hello everyone! Yes, Andy and I have decided to start a blog to share our thoughts and pictures with you of our life and service here in Trinidad - but don't get too excited yet - it is yet to be determined whether there will be any posts after this one :P

Below are some pictures of our humble dwelling at 94 Heron Crescent, Couva, Trinidad. It has been about three weeks since we moved in and already we are getting attached to it I think. One of the special memories so far attached to our apartment relates back to one of our first nights here. Andy had invited our landlord and his family (who live above us) to come over to say prayers together. We thought it was likely that he wouldn't come, but to our lovely surprise he did! And brought his two daughters with him. He read some of the Baha'i prayers and pointed out ones that he liked in particular. After we had recited some aloud, he spent a lot of time in silence just reading the prayers on his own and took the prayer book home when he left. This is just one of the breezes of confirmation ; ) we have felt since our arrival!

We also have been doing most of the teaching in our neighborhood, so our house is also a base for reflection and getting our spirits pumped each day!

Kitchen area (and Andy!)

Living room area




"Blessed is the spot and the house and the place and the city and the heart and the mountain and the refuge and the cave and the valley and the land and the sea and the island and the meadow where mention of God hath been made and His praise glorified."

~ Baha'u'llah


  1. Nice place! And very cool story about your landlord. I'm excited for you guys. Do post more stories and pics.

  2. Sweet! I want to hear more! I like your yellow curtains. and awesome story!

  3. Your place looks very cozy! and warm! I like the stories also and I hope the blog continues. much love!

  4. Great blog name choice! Perhaps everyone can share teaching confirmations. I look forward to more pictures and stories.